Organizing is the Key to Success Part 1: Planners are You’re Best Friends

Organizing has always something that has come naturally to me (not that you can’t learn to be organized, because you can) and with organizing planners or agendas have been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child in primary  school, every student got an agenda and were told to use them. Through middle school we were also given agendas, but at this time practically no one used them because people couldn’t be bothered to write down their homework.


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My agenda for the school year

Let me tell you, agendas or planners are you’re new best friend. They are going to be your life saver. I can not count the number of times my planner has been a life saver. You’re probably wondering why a 16-year-old is blogging about using an agenda. Well agendas are the only thing that keeps me from being over booked (too many times I’ve double booked myself). I’m going to show you what a well used planner looks like, and how you can put systems in place to effectively use an agenda.

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The monly overview

I use my agenda almost everyday because it is the most useful tool I have to stay organized. I color code my calendar portion because it makes it fast and easy to see all the things I have going on that month. The colors I used were blue, green and pink. Blue is for all my social activities such as birthdays, parties things like that. Pink is for all my school academic stuff such as big tests and assignments. Lastly green is for again all my school things, but that are not related to academics such as coffee houses, assemblies, picture day, ect. This section is the most useful for when I need to quickly figure out when I have important dates to remember.

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The weekly overview

The next best section of my agenda is the daily/weekly overview. I use this section to write down my all my assignments, tests, and homework. Everyday I like to put the subjects in order of my timetable and beside each subject I write down the days homework. As I finish each task for a class I like to put a check mark beside the class so I know what I’ve done (and it also motivates me to keep going because I can see the progress I’ve made).

As you can probably see by now I put my agenda into good use everyday. If you don’t have an agenda or planner – even if you’re not in school (people with jobs, a planner will be great use for you so that you aren’t overwhelmed with family things, and work things you need to do) I suggest you get a planner anyway – it will be worth you’re money.

Before you get a planner I suggest on doing some research. You need to know what kind of layout you like weekly/monthly layouts (that’s what I prefer) or if a more businesslike agenda that includes hourly/half-hour intervals would work better such as this one. Another thing that needs to be considered is obviously, the price. If you look hard and long enough you can find some really nice, relatively cheap planners (which is what I did for mine). The last thing you need to consider is the overall astetics of the planner. Of course you want to find a planner that looks nice and you really like (which of course needs time and research). I hope that you’re planner becomes as useful as mine is. So go out and find you’re perfect planner!


One thought on “Organizing is the Key to Success Part 1: Planners are You’re Best Friends

  1. Each year I was a teacher I was given a planner. They are extremely helpful. I also kept records of where each class ended. Sometimes a real good conversation would take us off course, we studied history and the next day would be regrouping. I kept that all in the planner. Another thing it shows exactly what you are doing for anyone who challenges you. Did you teach the curriculum, did you go over these facts that will be on the FCAT? It makes it real easy to show that you did. So I agree with you on the importance of keeping records and keeping track of your activities.

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