Halloween in Canada

So Halloween is coming up next week and I still hadn’t figured out what I was going to dress up as – yes, I am 16 and I still dress up and go “trick or treating” (but it’s not the traditional trick or treating you’re thinking of). For the past 3 years my youth group has gone “trick or eating” which is where we go trick or treating, but instead of asking for candy (which sometimes we do get some – bonus!), we ask for canned food and non-parishable food items for our local food cupboard. Everyone knows that in Canada it’s very cold in the winter, and by the time Halloween rolls around it’s considerably cold outside at night when everyone goes out. So this year because I knew I was going to be outside “trick or eating” I needed something warm and yet could be a costume as well. I am defiantly not the type of person who is very creative, and so when I do get an idea, it’s like I hit jack pot. This year I decided to be a (moguls) skier because it’s very warm and a darn good last-minute costume (which I find myself doing every year) if I do say so myself. So I’m going to show you how I made that happen with just the clothes in my closet, and I didn’t even spend one penny (or nickel now because pennies aren’t in circulation anymore).

First I got a plain black t-shirt (or any color doesn’t really matter) because even though I will be outside, after we’ve collected everything we are going to have a party back at the church. This way I’m not too hot when it comes time to be inside (and I don’t over heat).

330Then I found a pretty thick and warm sweater to put over the t-shirt. Any sweater will do (make sure it fits under the coat because you never know), but I chose this one because it was really warm, and it just happen to be the olympic sweater that was in the clothes collection at The Bay when the winter olympics were in Vancouver, Canada back in 2010.




After that I just got my  winter jacket put on the t-shirt, sweater and the coat. I got my mittens and UGG boots (with 2 pairs of socks on my feet).






For my pants, I just got 2 different pairs of thermal underwear (one fuzzy and one thinner black material that are a bit baggy) and layered them for warmth.

334Lastly of course the parts that complete the whole costume and make it look like you’re a pro skier. The goggles and a hat to keep my head and ears warm.






Hopefully my costume for this Halloween helps those in Canada come up with a warm Halloween costume without compromising on the look of the costume.


What do you think?

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