Organizing is the Key to Success Part 2: Lockers

In high school everyone got a locker, and mostly a locker is just a place to shove all you’re binders, backpack, coat and other random papers in. A locker can be more than that – having an organized locker can be a real blessing and save you a LOT of time (which you can use to spend more time with friends).


Making sure you (have and) use a locker shelf is important to optimize space in a tiny locker. I use my shelf to store all of my binders because I’m short, and it’s just easier for me to quickly grab and go in between classes.


To make more room for a backpack and a coat in that cramped locker, I sugest taking all books & lunch bag out.


Finally this is a overview of my whole locker. As a added personal touch I sugest putting quotes (like I did), picture or anything else you’d like to make you’re locker a little more enjoyable.


What do you think?

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