Organizing is the Key to Succes: Be Prepared

Now that its November it’s time for Christmas season (yay!), but when Christmas roles around so does the snow, ice and bad road conditions. Yesterday we had our first big snow fall, and the roads got really dangerous because so much snow fell in a such a short period of time.

I know a lot of people like to procrastinate (I know I do sometimes), but now is the time to make sure your car is winter ready (even if it hasn’t snowed yet where you live). To start make a list of things that you and your family might need in case of an emergency (like your car breaks down on the side of the road), things like extra blankets, first aid kit, roadside flares and signals, and a flashlight are just a few things you should concider putting in the back of your car.

As the snow season begins I encourage everyone to be safe when youre driving no matter how old you are – 16 or 160, be safe and drive slow.


What do you think?

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