Work, Work, Work

It seems that as you get older you get a lot more work, and obligations in your life. I know for me that’s exactly what’s happening these days. I think that most of the time I have it under control, but when it comes to hectic times in your year, it just seems like everything is out of control. For me these hectic times are defiantly the months leading up to exam time. As someone in high school right now, I sometimes find it hard to juggle a bunch of things in my life at once. Probably one of the hardest things is trying to make time, and actually committing to pulling out my books and studying.

I have a few tips to help with the crazy month that is January. For exams, I suggest bring home your homework for the Christmas break. Yeah, I know you probably don’t want start studying during the break – trust me it’s not that fun, BUT,  if you start early then you don’t have to worry about cramming in the last week of January, AND you can take your sweet time, just do a couple of pages, concepts or class discussions a day. Another tip to go along with that is, don’t wait till the evening to do review, get up early in the morning and study for one hour a day, say 8 to 9am, and then you’ve got your study session in for the day and you’d technically just be starting class by then, and you can go strait back to bed if you want.

Another really big thing to help the information stick into your mind better is finding out what your learning style is. I’m sure if you’re a certain you’ve done one where you take a quiz, answer some questions and it tells you want your learning style is. If you don’t know what the learning styles are, there’s auditory, visual, and kinetics. Auditory is when you take in information best by hearing things, so recordings, lectures,  and saying information out loud. Visual learning is when you need to see things to remember it best, so diagrams, graphs, pictures,lists on paper, things like that, and finally Kinetics or tactile is when you need to touch things, and or move while learning, so the best things would be hands on learning with models. If you find out your learning style that will help a lot because it will save time, and allow you to have more time for things that you enjoy. One last tip, DO NOT wait untill the week or the day before the exam to study because that’s not a good idea, and it only creates stress and no one likes that.

When it comes to exams I can’t say I’m an expert, but I have gotten through two years of it already, and I did pretty good following these tips. Good luck to everyone taking exams at the end of January.


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