Bundling Up in the Winter Cold


My Scarf Collection. The dark magenta scarf on the far right is my knit scarf I mention

Those long days of sunshine, shorts, t-shirts, and warm days are long gone, and I’m missing them. Now it’s supper cold in the middle of winter and I’m freezing. This past week where I live have been especially cold, you don’t want to go outside because its minus 30 degrees Celsius outside with the windshield, so you defiantly do not want to go outside. There are some great ways that I keep warm (other than drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace) and one particular way is I love wearing scarfs.

Scarfs are great because they keep your neck warm, and they can be really stylish which is a bonus because scarfs are in fashion at this time of year. For me I don’t have a huge selections in my wardrobe, but I do have a few that are nice, and one that I think is a staple to have – a really warm knit scarf to keep you warm. Mine was a gift from my sister a couple Christmases ago, and I wear it all the time in the fall and winter – I’m even wearing it right now.

Even though scarfs are traditionally only worn in the winter to keep warm in the winter, there are a lot of different scarfs out on the market now that can be worn in different seasons – even in the summer. I prefer to wear scarfs in the fall and winter, but I do sometimes wear a scarf in the chilly morning while on my way to school.

I think one of the best things about a scarf is that it not only keeps you warm, it can be an accessory that pulls a whole outfit together. I also really enjoy that you can get scarfs in a multitude of different colors, shapes (hello infinty scarfs, my personal favorite), sizes and material which really allows one to use a scarf in many different ways (like a shall, which is what my mom does when she’s cold).

Overall scarfs are really great, and aside from its fashionable uses, a scarf really does keep you warm, and that’s what we need, especially in the winter, and with the past week I’ve had where I live, and I’m sure in a lot of other places.