The Hair Challenge: The Check in

058At the end of December I decided to do something new I came up with; The Hair Challenge: A (sorta) New Years Resolution, where I said I was going to do one hairstyle for a whole month as sort of a “signature do”. This went pretty well for the first couple of weeks, and then I stopped putting my hair up but as the month comes to an end, I’m finishing off my month like I started it. This month was all about fast and easy buns. Now I did deviate a little from the bun, as I did one day do a half up, half down bun look. It was fun to try and come up with different ways to do buns, one day I ended up making a bun sort of, it wasn’t a bun but it looked like it so I let it go.

012013   059 061

Next month for my hair challenge I’ve decided that braids will be my hairstyle for the month. We’ll see how February goes, and I’ll do an update again at the end of the month.