Hot Chocolate: My “Coffee”

The mug I use when I have hot chocolate at home

    Pretty much everyone I know these days drinks coffee; my mom, dad, sister, friends, teacher, and anyone I see on the streets with a mug I assume they’re drinking coffee.

I was never allowed to drink coffee, and even now I don’t. My version of coffee as you all have probably guessed, is hot chocolate. Whenever people ask me why I like and drink hot chocolate so much I like to explain it by simply saying “my hot chocolate is like people drinking coffee.” I give that analogy because its the closest way to explain why I like and drink hot chocolate so much.

Everyone knows atleast one person who drinks coffee atleast once a week, and no one says anything about it because its a common thing most people do. Hot chocolate for me is the same as people drinking coffee, except I don’t drink it everyday, I have certain days I have it, and I don’t have to have it everyday to get me going in the morning.

Hot chocolate is something I really enjoy. My friends and family joke that I’m addicted because I drink it so much, but really its just something I enjoy and hot chocolate is like my coffee, just the difference is I don’t need have it everyday to wake me up.

Hot chocolate is something that makes me really happy and I enjoy drinking it. Its like everything else I enjoy: playing guitar, going to youth group and seeing my friends, I drink it because it tastes really good, and is something I look forward to all the time.