Studying: The Joy of Student Life

Christmas is almost here, which is great, but for a student like me, it means homework, homework and a LOT of studying. Christmas is a great time of year, but with everything good comes something not so good, and in my case a little (okay, a lot) something called exams.

Ahh the lovely invention of exams that come twice a year, lovely. For a lot of people, exams are not enjoyable – they’re stressful, time-consuming and inconvenient. For those people out there that like to procrastinate or just have a hard time, there are a few tactics I like using to help me get through the crazy time.

Firstly I like to make study notes for the class. Ideally you want to create study notes for each unit, but if you didn’t think to do that, now would be a good time because study notes are going to be a life saver. I make study notes one, because it’s helpful for me to write out information, and two, because when I’m on the go I can take them with me and study where ever I am. It also really helps to type them up just in case you accidentally lose them you still have a copy.

Secondly, I like to find a study buddy, preferably someone in the specific class. Having someone to bounce concepts off of is really helpful, and a much more fun way to study than the traditional sit at home and read the textbook method of studying.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me I’m an auditory learner, so I also like to take one extra step and record on my phone the study notes I wrote out. Now you’re probably not going to go that far, but I once lost my study notes, but I had luckily voice recorded my notes and was able to study by listening to them. Recording your study notes also gives a different way to being able to study on the go, because unless your in a car and not driving, you can’t exactly be on the go and read your notes at the same time. So recording notes is great because as your walking to school, or anywhere you can listen to them, and you’re making great use of your time.

Those are just a few suggestions on different ways to study – some that are obvious, and some that are a little more creative. Finding the way you learn best is really helpful, and best of all it saves you time and energy.